Liquid Injection Molding

Our custom Liquid Injection Molding process utilizes liquid silicone rubber (LSR) to deliver rapid prototyping and end-use production parts within 25 days or less, enabling accelerated manufacturing cycles and reducing tooling costs. Our extensive LSR material inventory includes various grades and durometers to meet diverse requirements.

  1. Rapid Turnaround: Get your custom liquid molding prototypes and production parts in 25 days or less,thanks to our efficient Liquid Injection Molding process.
  2. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Approach: Our skilled engineering team collaborates closely with clients during the design phase, identifying opportunities to simplify the mold design, streamline manufacturing processes, and reduce tooling costs.
  3. Material Selection Expertise:Our team has extensive knowledge of various liquid injection materials, allowing us to recommend cost-effective alternatives including Standard silicone, medical-grade silicone, optical-grade silicone, and oil bleeding/oil-resistant silicone. Hardness from 20 to 80Shore A
  4. Efficient Project Management: Our efficient project management practices optimize production schedules, minimize downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency, resulting in cost-effective tooling and manufacturing processes.